Thursday, November 02, 2006

New improved interface rebranded to SkyMovies

Monday, October 30, 2006

after several , hours going through the Google videos watching the poor video quality. all which is based on flash delivering technology. i thought hmmm this really is pants ! that's not where it ends. couldn't even find any Full Screen Mode. not to mention those massive ugly box you would see during the poorly encoded video.

so i got pretty tried watching pure junk guilty. searched around and found the Divx Stage6 forums signed up. i couldn't believe they were also hosting divx videos on their website. took a single video to convince me that this is where i belong and i simply fall for it. their web player plug in is awesome. high quality bit rate high compression ratio. this is what i was after. to be able to stream good quality clips. so as i browsed through the stage6 video section. i thought hmm it would be cool to implement this technology into my own software called NGEN.

NGEN is simply a Divx Web Player plugin which is integrated with the Microsoft Framework 2.0 here is the picture below which shows the divx player in middle and on side is the dhtml menu list which directs you to some videos i put on. it supports everything what the divx web-player does. full screen. stop pause. windowed mode. etc

so i titled this page NGEN vs Google Videos Because I'm just tried with the junk quality i see on Google videos. Ngen is meant to be a alternative for those wishing to see something more interesting and high quality videos

So, if you want to check NGEN out you must posses the system requirement's list below

  • [ Win2k + Framework 2.0 ] Or [ Windows XP With SP2 + MS Framework 2.0 ]
  • High Broadband 3 to 8 Mbps - note slow Internet connections will get you no where
  • IE6 or IE7
  • Divx Web Player
  • Average Memory around 215 or 512mb
  • recommend 1Ghz Process or 800Mhz

Release NGEN version - Download - note this is a stand alone application